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From New Friends--My Readers

I just finished reading Encouraged by the Light for a second time. I am glad I did. Even more glad your wrote the book, John.

I feel like you were speaking to me by method of your teaching. In no way are you forceful, boastful or demanding of your point of view. I feel like I understand alot of the scriptures and Bible's teachings; better than I have ever before, almost "realizing" them for the first time in a way I could comprehend.

It certainly all makes sense to me, especially in light of what I witnessed in our circumstances. I would like to share this knowledge with my family... "How much you have accomplished!"

Ilene Lastname, jaw surgery nurse and parent of a similar story

From Family

This has been a year of saying goodbye through death to friends and loved ones. A church friend..., Tom's aunt..., Anita's brother Alan..., and a dearest friend.... We have shed many tears but we know these loved ones have crossed over into life everlasting in Jesus presence.
Thanks so much for the book. I read it and enjoyed it. It really helped me get through all the death we have experienced this year.
Tom and Anita Edwards, family

From Friends In the Car Crash!

Hi, John,
Yes, I have it on my den coffee table and have enjoyed what I’ve read so far. I['ve] been reading and rereading certain segments, can’t help it.....such a flood of memories...
Steve Lastname, WorkForce Training

Received book-thank you. Congratulations John-God has given you special spiritual skills.
Tom Lastname, retired

From Other Buddies

My books made it fine... I am enjoying what I am reading.
God Bless you and Sharon, and thanks for sharing your life changing journey with all of us.
Joseph Lastname

Hi John,
I’ve received the book and am having trouble putting it down. I am on page 100 now and stayed up to about 2 am this morning reading it.
Thanks for writing it and giving us all those insights into the world that lies before us. Your accident was the same kind that took my granddaughter Ashton Sweet home to be with the Lord just two months ago.
We love you all and miss you.
dean Lastname, retired missionary friend

You are TOO kind! Thank you so much for our copies. David and I are very grateful. I am looking forward to reading it. Congratulations on the printing! Thank you for letting us tell your story.
Jared Lastname, News reporter,
Channel 5 TV, Fort Smith, Arkansas

The Book Reviews Are Coming In

John has taken us on a personal journey, sharing his depth of experience—from the time of the horrific automobile accident, to the events encountered as a result of his severe injuries—concluding with a greater perspective of life, death and, more importantly, total Christian service.

The book is thought provoking and challenging, with an abiding dedication to details and correlation to Scripture.

A very interesting read!

Carolyn Lastname, retired

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