Monday, March 7, 2011

Chapter Seven


Agreement Between Scripture
and the Near-Death Experience
I have no option but to accept my NDE as reality.  I have no reason to dismiss it either.  You, too, have no reason to dismiss it.  But since it isn’t your own experience, you have no obligation to accept it.
As the author, if I persuade you, I wish to do so by reason not by any kind of pressure.  And I want you to know, I understand if you don’t feel that you can accept my experience as real.*
What else could I do with my experience?  I must assimilate my NDE into my philosophy of life and religion because it is a part of my life experience that can not be ignored, like so many other things that bring about who I am.  Experiences that have the right attributes become a part of who I am, those that do not, don’t become a part of my life experience.
Unfortunately within my life experience is the trauma of being near many people who have died.  Likewise, those incidents have all the attributes of reality. I have no reason to dismiss them, and no choice but to assimilate them.  As a matter of fact if I didn’t deal with them as reality, I might find myself being checked out to see if I am normal. 
The point being that things that happen to me, that are a part of reality, have to be dealt with by fitting them into my philosophy of life and religion.  So, in order for an experience to become a part of me, it comes down to, “What kind of attributes accompany the experience?  Are they the attributes we use to determine if the experience is real?”

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