Monday, March 7, 2011

Chapter Four


Right after hearing the initial parts of the conversation the doctor had with Mom, just outside my emergency room door, something even more amazing occurred.  I went on an all expense paid, round–trip to another world.
After the gradual lifting out of my body, came a quick transition from being ceiling high to being surrounded completely in blackness—darkness blacker than I have ever experienced.  Then far off in the distance, a white speck of light appeared.  I do not know for sure if the speck appeared because I changed orientation or because I came closer to it.  Both of the above could have occurred, a rotation similar to a space capsules getting into position using it’s retro rockets, while it is still traveling toward its objective.  Once we were facing each other, the speck got larger as it got closer.  It was my impression that the speck was stationary and I was moving toward it.


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