Monday, March 7, 2011

Chapter Five


And Back
Being infatuated with the massive ‘knowledge engine’, if I may call it that, discovered moments earlier, I was eager to experiment and learn.  I had already learned of the interconnectedness of everything.  Uncle Cleve, noting my infatuation, made it known that one could move ‘right into’ this essence of knowledge.  The desire to do so would cause it to happen.  The essence of knowledge was a totally different “visual” environment.  (Please see the illustration: “The ‘Knowledge Engine’.)  [The Illustration goes here or as close to here as is possible.]
The new environment was a kind of black and white world of interconnected lines with linkages on the end—large linkages.  So large one could travel along the lines and climb the linkages.  The links connected to form a junction larger than the combined thickness of the lines.  A good example of the structure would be a Tinker Toy set, except in a Tinker Toy set the junctions are disproportionately large.


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