About John

I’m John Edwards.  I’m married to Sharon, a very fortunate arrangement because she is my perfect match.  I just turned 62.  I’m not about to tell you Sharon’s age.
Since you have invested in my book, you deserve at least a blurb about me.  We were called into missions midway through our adult life.  God needed another Scripture typesetter, Sharon, to do his fun and extraordinary work in world missions.
Did you know your English Bible has been available for more than 625 years.  Imagine how it has influenced our society in that long span of time.  Yet there are some 2100 languages needing the translated Scripture.  Those languages represent the same number of people who live in the United States—320 million people with no Bible at all.
The twenty years we were involved in that work, we were ‘all about’ publishing Scripture—developing, adapting and distributing automated Scripture publishing systems.  We would complete a new version of the publishing system then travel to places in the world to distribute it: Mexico, Australia, Guatemala, Brittan, Colombia, Papua New Guinea, Russia, or the Philippines.  There was even a time when we had moved  sixteen times in just four years.  Yeah, really busy!
We even got to be the privileged people who trained our Russians colleges to electronically publish Scripture in their own traditional format.  And we also customized and trained others to use the those publishing systems for their way of doing scripture. 
Later, when I could travel no more, we took over the responsibilities of providing the answers and workflow processes for the publication of academic books for the Summer Institute of Linguistics; also known as Wycliffe Bible Translators.