Monday, March 7, 2011

Chapter Three


Up, Up, and Away
Mom had returned home from Grandmother’s house.  Charlie’s parents were finally able to contact her.  She came to me immediately.  They ushered her into the emergency area and my room.
Mom contacted Richard’s parents to see if there was a telephone at Dixon’s Cabin where Dad was camping with the troop.  Since there wasn’t, Richard’s dad decided to go to Dixon’s cabin, the location of the campout, and notify Dad.  After that he would continue to drive to the University of Arkansas to retrieve my brother Joe.  Richard’s dad also arranged for one of his employees to retrieve my middle brother Tom from John Brown University in Siloam Springs, Arkansas.
That’s when new and different kinds of things started to happen.  I started rising up out of my body.  I was not far up, not even a foot above myself, still facing the ceiling and moving slowly when I did the impossible.  With my eyes swollen shut I watched a nurse open the door but not enter the room.  Instead she leaned over with her head in the room and then looked toward Mother.  I listened and watched her tell Mom, “The doctor will see you now.”
I watched Mom rise from the chair and leave the room.  By the time she was out and around the door, she was face to face with the doctor.  At this time, I was ceiling high and hovering as if suspended from a tether.  I was horizontal, floating, and facing down.  I saw my body in the hospital bed as I was watching my Mother and Dr. Jim talk.  I was watching them through a wall.


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