Monday, March 7, 2011


The revolution of ‘on demand, digital’ printing makes it easy for those in the publishing industry, like myself, to produce books consistent with their individual beliefs.
This book was originally only for those called by God to help us during our missionary ministry in Wycliffe Bible Translators.  Those who provided us with prayer and financial support for 20 years—indeed a sacrifice worthy of a special ‘Thank You’.  The plan was to send each in that faithful group a copy at the time of our retirement from missions.  However, the need for an early, medical retirement changed everything.
Then a friend reminded me, “It takes no more additional work to make it available to my family, other friends, and the general public.  Being given such a complete experience, you have responsibilities to those people as well.”  In that way he, too, could get a copy.  I decided, “If that is how he feels, maybe the book is of general interest.”
So, there is a new plan for Encouraged By the Light.  It is to be available to the public through my book distributor and also from the book’s web site  I will send our faithful prayer and financial partners an even more unique item, a Bible in an indigenous, minority language.
It is probably only right that my unique experience be available beyond the limited audience of that incredible collection of people.  It is my story, given by God to Sharon, my wife, and I for those times when reflection and encouragement are needed, i.e. for when we are like the missionaries to whom this book is dedicated, “…in the trenches.  Who is feeling forgotten, worn out, and discouraged.”—in need of a refreshing, second spiritual wind only God can provide.

It worked for us.  It worked for ‘him’.  I hope it encourages you, too!

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