Monday, March 7, 2011

Chapter Six


To Whom Shall We Listen?
It seems everyone has an opinion as to how NDEs come about.  It also seems those opinions do not include the possibility that, “They are what they are.”
It only seems fair that we honestly examine all the opinions we can, and evaluate their contribution, if any, toward explaining the NDE phenomenon.  We won’t prove anything by doing so, but I think we can eliminate a lot of opinions.  It is amazing what can happen when an ‘opinion’ is held up next to ‘reason’.
One source of information is the original source, the many people who have had an NDE.  That source has been evaluated through surveys of the representative populations in the NDE community really well.  This has been done through Moody’s work, and now many other researchers, too.  And to them I say, “Thank you.”

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