Monday, March 7, 2011

Chapter One


There’s Confidence in Numbers
It took some six years to work out the confusion.  If I had not kept everything to myself, we could have worked it out sooner. But what do you do when you are experiencing something completely new, that doesn’t seem to fit in with the rest of life, at least the way we have known it.
“Soon we should be at the cabin.”  “How is Tom going to work out that trip to Moffett, Oklahoma?”  “I hope the sky clears, so we can see the stars tonight—sleepin’ under the stars is so fine.”
“Yes, we are supposed to be away from home.  But we are not supposed to be in this place!  Where is this place?”
“I need to raise my hand and ask Mrs. Wilson how coffee cracks your stomach.”
“People yelling… sirens blasting…  What is going on?  Why am I so dirty?  I hope my new army grubs are okay.”  “Who are these people?”
“Oh, no, this is Twerp Week!  The dance is tonight.  I better tell Dixie what is happening.  Maybe I won’t be able to go.”  “How do I find out what is happening?”
“My mind phases in.  My mind phases out.  All my brain’s marbles get tossed about!”
“I wish these people would leave my face alone.  It stings when they do that.”  “I wonder if they are trying to hurt me?  I bet they are!  I better fight like the Dickens.”  “Hey, that’s not fair.  I gotta use that hand to fight.  Hey!  You!  I need my hands free to fight this fight.”
“Where are my glasses?  I need to be able to see what I’m fighting.”
“Stop doing that to my face!”
“It is completely dark here, wheresoever here is.”
“I wonder what they mean when they say they want to know what is out there beyond the Universe?”
“Let’s see what was that formula for centrifugal force?  What size tires are these?”
There is no telling how long I thought about any one thing.  Nor how often the subjects in my mind shuffled about.  I would change from being unconscious, to sleeping, to delirium, to John, and then to my favorite place, the farm in Sallisaw.  (I attribute that There’s Confidence in Numbers)

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