Monday, March 7, 2011



The problem with releasing this book is that in doing so I am telling my story without the opportunity of receiving something interesting back from you about your faith journey.  That makes me sad.  But along came an idea of how a dialog can take place.  I set up a web site.  It is a blog.  There is one blog entry for each item in the Table of Contents that contains story content.  So, when you finish Chapter Two, “Prayer” you can select that topic from the blog archive list, make a comment and make the comment available in the way you desire, public or private.

You may do so by making yourself a logon at the book’s website mentioned below and on the last page of every one of the books parts.  Perhaps in doing so an accumulation of information will help researchers to learn how to better research unusual, faith experiences.
After hearing my story my Uncle Louis told me about something special to his heart, how an angel came, lit up the room from his glow while there, and gave him reassurance.  It happened during his turn while the family was watching and caring for his dying sister.
That is the whole reason why this book has an accompanying web site, so you can share your own stories from your faith journey.  There is also a video on the page named “Take a Trip With Me to the City of Light” that allows you to take a virtual (pretend) animated trip to the City of Light.  Use it to get more of a visual experience than the book ever could provide:

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